The Law of Mobile and Internet Communications (2003)

The internet and the equipment through which it is delivered has revolutionised the way business offers its services and consumers access information. The constantly evolving technology will continue to become mobile both in terms of the apparatus used to get online, such as mobile phones, and also the wireless capability which will become widespread. Commercial use of the technology presents huge legal issues and has led to the introduction of significant new laws to govern online trade. However, the approach taken by the EU in regulating the internet differs markedly from that of the United States.

Given the degree of trade between the two continents and in particular between the USA and the UK, it is vital that businesses on both sides of the Atlantic understand the diverse legal regimes, whether they operate in European or North American markets. This book provides an overview of the English law treatment of the internet, which is heavily influenced by the EU, and contrasts it where appropriate to American legal governance. The book examines issues including online contractual formation, privacy law across geographical borders, electronic signatures, online marketing and consumer sales over the internet. The book is essential reading for businesses in both lands.

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