Music Distribution and the Internet – A Legal Guide for the Music Business (2006)

Reviews of this book;

Law Institute, Victoria, Australia.

“This book is a vital part of a commercial lawyer’s armoury when acting for clients’ who operate websites for the sale of products and services.”

New York Law School, New York, USA

“Sparrow shares his experience with readers in a well organised, accessible format.”

University of Ottawa, Canada

“the author has created a useful resource by probing the basics of the broad and diverse set of legal problems confronting those working in this area.”

Suffolk University Law School, Boston, Massachusetts, USA, Journal of High Technology Law

“… a comprehensive look at every part of the music business affected by technology…equally accessible to those without a legal background .a must read for anyone currently involved in the performance, sale, purchase, promotion or advertisement in the music business.”

Aberdeen Business School.

“It is a book no one in the field would want to miss.”

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